Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rosenwald Schools in Durham

The wonderful Lynn Richardson at the Durham County Public Library recently sent out an email about one of their new digital projects and I had to share the news.  They've put up an online exhibit entitled "The Women who Ran the Schools" about teachers in Durham's "rural" Rosenwald schools in the first half of the 20th century. The exhibit includes amazing photos of the school buildings and students as well as information about each Durham county Rosenwald school. I'm most interested in those schools which though considered rural at the time are now very much within the city. One of the schools was located on or near Anderson Leather's land (see my older post) in what is today's Northgate Mall:

 Photo from Fisk University, Franklin Library at "Women Who Ran the Schools"

The Hickstown Rosenwald school has always interested me and the DCPL project satisfies my long search for photographs:
 Photo from Fisk University, Franklin Library at "Women Who Ran the Schools"
The photographer taking this picture was likely standing directly in front of the Hickstown cemetery (see my post here).

My congratulations to Lynn, Joanne Abel, and all the others who worked on the project.


Andrew Edmonds said...

Those interested in Rosenwald Schools of North Carolina can learn more from this website:


Marsosudiro said...

Note that the photos are from a Fisk University archive. For some reason, I appreciate that the work of a university in Tennessee extends to the history of North Carolina.

Mitch Fraas said...

Thanks for that link Andrew. I agree Marosudiro - it's fantastic that Fisk is making its archive of Rosenwald materials available http://rosenwald.fisk.edu/

James said...

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