Thursday, August 7, 2008

Early Durham City/County Maps

The maps below are probably the best known early maps of Durham and Durham County and are available at Duke (online at Digital Durham) as well as the Durham public library and the North Carolina State Archives. Durham County was created in 1881 and the first map shows the location of major roads and property owners in the new county circa 1887. Note fish dam road running along the top edge of the detail right past the reservoir which is still there near the contemporary confluence of Berini, Cole Mill, and Rose of Sharon roads. I will hopefully have some time to post on a few of the land owners mentioned below in the future.

Full Size (from Digital Durham)

The map below dates from 1881 and shows streets and property lines in the city at the time. I'm especially interested in cadastral maps like this one and hope to showcase smaller scale property maps in the future.

(Positive from Digital Durham)

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